Université de Rennes 1 in the Leiden Ranking 2017

In the latest Leiden bibliometric world rankings, Université de Rennes 1 is ranked 13th French university and 427th in the world. The CWTS Leiden Ranking positions universities based on the number and proportion of their publications that are highly cited. In France, 24 higher education institutions feature in the rankings.

Leiden Ranking 2017 logo

The CWTS Leiden Ranking 2017, released on 18th May, includes 902 universities from 54 different countries. The Leiden Ranking is based on Web of Science data. All universities worldwide with more than 1000 fractionally counted Web of Science indexed core publications in the period 2012–2015 are included in the ranking.

For Université de Rennes 1, 2631 publications are included, 10.4% of which figure amongst those the most cited in the world (in the top 10 %). In terms of the number of publications the most cited in the top 1%, the institution ranks 12th French university.

Université de Rennes 1's position confirms its international renown in research, already recognised in several other rankings including Shanghai, Times Higher Education, QS World University Ranking and NTU Ranking.

According to Professor David Alis, president of Université de Rennes 1, “This ranking is not an end in itself but provides interesting indicators concerning the scientific impact of the university, and its involvement in numerous collaborations."

The CTWS Leiden Ranking, compiled by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands, ranks universities by number of scientific publications and citations. Based on bibliometric indicators, the Leiden Ranking is carried out according to 4 categories:

  • number of publications,
  • number of citations by publication,
  • field-normalised impact per publication (total number of publications multiplied by the relative impact according to the field),
  • field-normalised impact per citation (number of citations by publication divided by the average impact according to the field).