Toi d'Europe: A web documentary project which will reveal how young Europeans see the future of Europe

Sixty years after the Treaty of Rome was signed, Sophie Hériaud goes in search of young Europeans and asks what Europe means to them.

Toi d'Europe

Sophie Hériaud, who studied journalism at the University Institute of Technology (IUT) in Lannion, and her sister Mathilde, a business studies student, are at the initiative of the project Toi d'Europe, which is taking them on a journey across 21 European countries over an eight month period and will result in a 26 minute documentary video and web documentary. Their goal is to record the younger generation's feelings regarding Europe and its future. Sophie and Mathilde have created a website for the project where they regularly post videos, text and photos collected during their travels.
They have already carried out half their journey, having spent 13 days in 12 eastern European countries, and will continue their work in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, before moving south to Spain, Portugal and Italy, and then on to Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Sophie specialised in television journalism during her studies at the IUT in Lannion and in 2016 won the Le Monde HCR award (a competition co-organised by the French newspaper Le Monde and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) which awards an article written by a student in their final year of journalism). Sophie wrote her article about refugees in Bremen, Germany, whilst spending a semester there on an Erasmus exchange programme.

The Hériaud sisters would like to cover all 28 European countries and have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help them achieve their goal, details of which can be found on the website.