Sport at Université de Rennes 1 is open to both students and staff, whatever your level. Most sports or activities can be evaluated as part of your curriculum.

Two students on the climbing wall, Beaulieu Campus © Gaëlle Le Page
  1. More than 40 activities
  2. Sports facilities
  3. Sport as part of your studies
  4. High-performance sport
  5. Sport for disabled students

More than 40 activities

With more than 40 activities offered at the university, you’ll be able to continue your favourite sport or discover something new. 
And you can organise your activities as you like!

Details of activities offered at Université de Rennes 1, registration procedures and times can be found on the SIUAPS (Service interuniversitaire des activités physiques et sportives) website.

Sports facilities

The university has sports facilities to suit a wide range of activities: swimming pools, a dojo, a sports centre, a gym as well as tennis, basketball and volleyball courts. A full list of facilities can be found on the SIUAPS website.

Sport as part of your studies

You can choose a sport for your own personal development or integrate it into your curriculum as an UE (Unité d’Enseignement), and so make the most of a sporting strength.

High-performance sport

If you are a high-performance sportsperson, combine your studies with your training and competitions at Université de Rennes 1.

Specific support is given to sportspeople in handball, judo, rugby and tennis through the SSU (Sections sportives universitaires) performance groups.

Sport for disabled students

Students who have a disability and wish to do a sport can contact the SIUAPS. The SIUAPS, together with the disability pole of the Student Support Services, deal with all necessary adjustments.