Sophie D’Amours becomes the first female chancellor of Université Laval, Quebec

Sophie D'Amours, new chancellor of Université Laval.

Sophie D'Amours, chancellor of Université Laval

Sophie D’Amours was elected chancellor of Université Laval on 26th April 2017, obtaining 50,7 % of the votes cast at the end of the first round of the election. She will be the first woman and the 26th person to manage the university. Her first term, which will last 5 years, begins in June.

She has been involved in the university community for over 20 years, beginning her career as professor in the mechanical engineering department of Université Laval in 1995. From 2012 to 2015, she was vice chancellor in charge of research and creation.

With over 130 scientific publications to date and her contribution to numerous events in Canada and abroad, Sophie D'Amours has made a mark on the evolution of planning models in the forestry sector in Canada and elsewhere. Her reputation in the field has taken her to Norway, Sweden, France, Chile, Argentina and the United States of America as a visiting scholar.

Over the years, Sophie D'Amours has regularly received recognition for her contribution to the forest sector. She was awarded the prestigious Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Brockhouse prize in 2012, the Henri-Gustave-Joly-de-Lotbinière prize awarded by the Quebec order of forest engineers in 2008, the YWCA Women of Distinction in Science and Technology award in 2003 and became a member of the Canadian Academy of Engineering in 2013. In February 2017, she became a fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry.

She has a vast experience in higher education, research, and university management, both at a national and international level. She plans to revitalise and improve campus life, introduce innovative administrative procedures, give more support to student initiatives, make integration and student support more efficient, set up an integrated approach to internationalisation and maintain the Université Laval's reputation as a comprehensive university.