The Wu Si Medal 2016 for Cheng Feng

Cheng Feng receives the Wu Si Medal for his thesis on the geology of the Qaidam Basin, Tibet.

Cheng Feng, Wu Si Medal winner

Cheng Feng, a former joint PhD student at Geosciences with the Université de Rennes 1 and Peking University, received the Wu Si Medal (May 4th Medal) last May.

The prize recompenses the best thesis work at Peking University, China’s top university, making it an exceptional achievement. Cheng Feng defended his thesis in Beijing before defending it in Rennes on 25th May 2016.

His work, entitled Relations érosion – sédimentation entre le bassin du Qaidam (Tibet) et les chaînes associées, was supervised by Marc Jolivet, CNRS research director at the OSUR (Scientific Observatory of Rennes) Geosciences laboratory.

Cheng Feng came to France in the framework of the programme Egide Cai Yuanpei working on a project within the International Associated Laboratory (LIA) Saladyn backed by the CNRS and Université de Rennes 1.

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