Veriko, Ana and Tamari, ambassadors of the Franco-georgian University

Veriko (24), Tamari (21) and Ana (20) are the first georgian students that Université de Rennes 1 has hosted through the franco-georgian university partnership, in which our university is actively comitted. They come from Tbilisi State Univeristy, one of the most renowned university in Georgia and in the Caucasus

Veriko, Tamari and Ana, erasmus + exchange students at Université de Rennes 1
  1. Three Erasmus + students from Tblilisi State University at Université de Rennes 1
  2. A selective programme
  3. Rennes, a "great city to live in"
  4. Getting familiar with the french teaching system

Three Erasmus + students from Tblilisi State University at Université de Rennes 1

Veriko comes from Tblisi State University. She came to Université de Rennes 1 to study Computer sciences, first at INSA (Rennes 1’s engineering school) for one semestre, and then decided to study another semester at the Faculty of computer sciences of Université de Rennes 1 (ISTIC) through the Erasmus + programme. She chose France and particularly INSA because of the project about georgian verbs conjugaison which required some georgian speaker to participate to this project.
She additionally really enjoyed life in Rennes, which also contributed to her desire to stay in Rennes for a whole year instead of one semestre as initially planned.
Most of the students in her class were french. She was a bit worried at the beginning, but after a little time she got to know the other french students and got integrated pretty well.

Tamari and Ana are also from Tbilisi. They both studied Economics at Université de Rennes 1, for the first semester of 2018.  Lots of students in their programme at the faculty of economics were international students.
This exchange programme is their first long-term experience abroad.


A selective programme

In order to become part of the erasmus + programme, they got selected by their home university, TSU, and got a specific erasmus + scholarship accordingly.

Veriko, 24 (TSU)


In Georgia lots of students want to participate in this programme  (Veriko)
To become part of it was difficult, because for this programme we get selected by the university and not the other way around (Tamari)
We applied for the first time, so it was very delightful to get this chance at the first trial! (Anna)

Rennes, a "great city to live in"

Rennes' historical city centre - © Destination Rennes

As exchange students, Ana, Veriko and Tamari have beneficiated from an Erasmus + scholarship, as well as free french courses during their exchange, and a reserved room in one of our student residences, which has made their arrival in Rennes easier :

Tamari, 21 (TSU)

"our french buddy met us at the railway station, he took us to our residence, which made things easier for our arrival. Rennes is a small city and I think that within one week we got pretty familiar with it and could already move around easily (Tamari)

The three of them have enjoyed their experience, which was for Tamari and Anna one semestre, and for Veriko one year :

"As it was my first stay abroad, I think that one semestre was perfect : it gives you the time to enjoy the experience, and you can feel happy also to go back home to Georgia, though  I’ll miss some aspects of Rennes of course !" (Ana)

"When I arrived in Rennes the first time, I was with other georgian students and we had also registered to the buddy programme, and as we already had the accomodation reserved [through the exchange programme] we didn’t get many difficulties on our arrival. I really enjoyed my experience in Rennes and I’m actually feeling sad to leave!" (Veriko)


Getting familiar with the french teaching system

French and Georgian systems are a bit different. But with a bit of time and some help from of their classmates, Veriko, Ana and Tamari got used to it:

Ana, 20 (TSU)

"The french system is completely different from the one we have in Georgia. The courses in France put more emphazys on the theoretical part, whereas in Georgia the practical represents a bigger proportion. Also in France as a student you have to work more independentely, and produce more personal work" (Veriko)

"In Georgia we aslo have seminars, and practical classes in which you get grades. It takes a bit of time to get used to a new system but at the same time you get to handle it" (Ana)

Overall, our three pioneers really enjoyed their stay at Université de Rennes 1, and they would highly recommand it to fellow students from Tblisi State University who would like to apply to an Erasmus + exchange programme :

It was a huge experience, in a nice environment, in my opinion Rennes is a very cool city, human size but with many things going on in the evening. I think that future georgian students from my university who’ll get the chance to be selected for the programme will be very happy ! (Tamari)

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