UAV Retina project : A high-tech semi-autonomous drone that might save lives

Researchers from Université de Rennes 1’s IRISA lab have developped an autonomous drone that could save lives in case of emergency situations

Drone developped by IRISA research lab © EIT Digital

Supported by EIT Digital, UAV Retina is an all-in-one software and hardware platform developed by researchers of université de Rennes 1, developing semi-autonomous drones  able to analyse data collected with sensors, in order to provide emergency services with a general overview of a scene, and detect potential victims.

Drones can be instrumental in helping firefighers face emergency situations. UAV Retina goes one step further than current tools, for it’s been designed in order to be fully autonomous, whereas current drones usually requires a dedicated person. Anyhow, manual driving is possible, when needed :

Manual driving is still available, if needed, but in most situations the operator just has to draw a flight perimeter at the start, and the software takes care of all the rest

says Olivier Martineau, CEO of Eole-Eyes, the startup that was born from the UAV-Retina initiative .
Besides being used to monitor fires and locate people in search and rescue missions, Eole-Eyes drones will be used also to spot hidden Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) thanks to a georadar integrated onboard the drone.

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