Tuitions rates for international students and partial exemption policy

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International students coming from outside the EU and who are not concerned by one of the specific cases* mentioned hereunder, are subject to differentiated fees. These tuition fees have been set by the French government at:

€2,770 per year at the Bachelor level
€3,770 per year at the Master level
€380 per year at the Doctorate level


application for fee exemption


Willing to welcome talented international students regardless of their social background, Université de Rennes 1 has implemented a proactive policy to grant partial exemptions to a large number of candidates.

A dedicated commission will examine the academic background of each candidate, and will have the possibility to grant candidates with partial exemptions. This commission has been designed to implement Université de Rennes 1's proactive international policy by strengthening historical ties with specific geografical areas, reinforcing relations with the French-speaking world and recognizing outstanding academic results.

Besides, Université de Rennes 1 proposes each year scholarships throught its Foundation "Progress, Innitiate, Innovate"


* Specific cases

Students from outside EU are not subject to differientiated fees if they belong to one of the following cases :

  • they were already enrolled in a French public Higher Education Institution in 2018-2019 -or in a centre for the study of French as a foreign language-, and continued their studies without interrruption since then
  • they are from one of the following countries: Quebec, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, Island, Norway
  • they benefit from refugee status

In these cases students pay the same fees as French students. These national fees for the current academic year are mentionned HERE.
For students enrolling in a 3rd cycle of medical studies, fees varies depending on the type of diploma

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