Study Cyber security at Rennes 1

From undergratuade to Doctoral programmes, Université de Rennes 1 offers a wide range of training in the field of cyber security

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  1. Rennes, a cyber security hub in France and in Europe
  2. High level training, from Bachelor degree to Phd

Rennes, a cyber security hub in France and in Europe

« And if the security and protection of personal data were natively embedded in the technologies we use daily? »
This is one of the numerous topics explored during the International Security Forum (FIC) taking place this year in Lille, to which our university contributes. Indeed, together with all the technical challenges brought up by the importance of cyber defense for companies and institutions, the « human challenge » is a key one, and universities have now the mission to « educate and train today the profiles we will need tomorrow ».

Université de Rennes 1 stands out for its renowned cybersecurity expertise, on a European level.
The Université de Rennes 1 is the hub for all cybersecurity subjects, both on a research and teaching level, from physics to law, electronics, telecommunications, mathematics and IT. The programmes are taught by professors who are also leading researchers within the sector.
On a wider scale, national planning choices (the French Cyberdefense Command Centre is located in Rennes) and the vast array of partnerships with sector leaders (research institutions, leading business schools, businesses and the DGA) within the Breton Pôle d’excellence Cyber make Rennes, and Brittany, the ideal starting point for students, PhD students and researchers who wish to learn and work at the highest level in cybersecurity.


High level training, from Bachelor degree to Phd

• Law Studies Master’s 2, Digital Law work-and-study programme (Law and Political Sciences Faculty, opening sept. 2019)
• International Cybersecurity Master’s 1 and 2 (ISTIC) dispensed by (EIT Digital Master’s School )
• IT Studies Master’s degree, Cybersecurity (EIT Digital Master's school)
• IT Studies Master’s 2, Computer Science (ISTIC)
• Master's 2 Mathematics, Cryptography (Department ofMathematics)

• Information Technology specialisation, IoT, Security and Smart Cities (ESIR Engineering School) (FR)
• IT Studies specialisation, Cybersecurity (ENSSAT Engineering School)

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