Programmes taught in english

Université de Rennes 1 offers study programmes taught in english, in the following areas of study : Law and Political Science, Economics, Management, Computer Sciences, Science

Amphitheater, Faculty of Economics, Rennes 1
  1. Summer schools in Computer science
  2. Bachelor programmes
  3. Master programmes
  4. International PhD programme

Summer schools in Computer science



ENSSAT is offering a “summer school”  (Lannion, France) > postponed to 2021, new dates to be defined

The programme “Connecting your IoT devices” is designed for advanced Bachelor and Master’s students in the fields of Digital Sciences and Technology. Students will experience outstanding hands-on practical courses together with exciting cultural activities in Brittany.

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The “Reshaping cities for a healthy environment” Summer School works to develop an intensive point of integration between education, research and business (ERB). Student’s business cases are prepared along with key stakeholders, who are invited to present their market pain points, share their expertise and supervisethe development of the projects. Thus, students are encouraged to research and provide challenge-based solutions for specific markets. 

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EIT Digital summer school



Bachelor programmes


Master programmes

Catalogue English-taught degrees 2020-2021


  • International Master in Public Finance (joint degree with Universities of Ribourg, Tampere, Piemontale Orientale, Mazaryk, Turin and Minho  
  • International MSc Biodiversity Ecology and Evolution 'IMABEE' (joint degree with universities of Vrije, Göttingen and Aarhus)  
  • MSc Ecology for Global Change (opening in september 2020)
  • MSc Functional, Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology


International PhD programme

PhD students can obtain two doctorate degrees by carrying out a joint PhD degree officialised by an international convention, known as a cotutelle, signed by the PhD student, the PhD supervisors and the partner institutions.

Université de Rennes 1 has around 100 ongoing Joint PhD degrees with partners around the world. Each year, approximately 20 PhD students defend their thesis within this cotutelle scheme.

  • Biology and Health (Bologie et santé, BS)
  • Law and Political Science (Droit et Sciences Politiques, DSP)
  • Ecology, Geosciences, Food and Agronomy (Écologie Géosciences Agronomie Alimentation, EGAAL)
  • Education, Laguages, Interactions, Cognition (ELICC)
  • Mathematics and CITS (ELICC)
  • Matter, Molecules and Material (3M)
  • Engineering Sciences (Sciences Ppour l'Ingénieur, SPI)
  • Society, Time, Territories (STT)
  • Economic and Management sciences (Sciences Économiques et Sciences de Gestion, EDGE)


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