Joint PhD degree

Obtain two doctorate degrees, from Université de Rennes 1 and an international partner, through the Joint PhD 'cotutelle' scheme.

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  1. Joint PhD degree at Université de Rennes 1
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Joint PhD degree at Université de Rennes 1

PhD students can obtain two doctorate degrees by carrying out a joint PhD degree officialised by an international convention, known as a cotutelle, signed by the PhD student, the PhD supervisors and the partner institutions.

Students are enrolled at both institutions but only pay tuition fees in one at a time. They spend at least 12 months carrying out research in each country.

A single viva, held in Rennes or the partner country, with a mixed jury from both institutions enables the student to obtain a doctorate degree not only from Université de Rennes 1 but also from the partner institution.

Université de Rennes 1 has around 100 ongoing Joint PhD degrees with partners around the world. Each year, approximately 20 PhD students defend their thesis within this cotutelle scheme. Discover the French cotutelle scheme.

How to join the scheme

In order to register in the Joint PhD scheme, contact the relevant Doctoral School for information on the administrative procedures and to obtain the latest model convention (in French and English).

The International Department validates all conventions before their signature to ensure their conformity will legal texts. If necessary, it can also help negotiate the terms of the convention with the partner institution.

Joint PhD degrees can be agreed upon before or during the three years of the PhD degree as long as minimum requirements in both countries are respected.

Benefit from supervision, access to laboratories and ressources in two countries, experience a new culture and obtain two PhD degrees by joining the joint PhD scheme through Université de Rennes 1!

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