Incoming students Offices

Université de Rennes 1 is a multidisciplinary university with several faculties. Exchange students have to get in touch with the coordinator of the department in which they wish to study, once selected by their home university.

Students at the Faculty of Sciences
  1. Faculty of Sciences and Philosophy
  2. Economics, Law and Management
  3. Life Sciences and Health
  4. University Institutes of Technology

Faculty of Sciences and Philosophy

Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Property of the Matter, Computer sciences, Philosophy, Earth Sciences

Economics, Law and Management

Faculty of Law and Political Science
Faculty of Economics
IGR - IAE Graduate school of management
IPAG Public administration school

Life Sciences and Health

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Dentistry

University Institutes of Technology

IUT Rennes
IUT Saint-Malo
IUT Saint-Brieuc

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