Pr.Olivier Bonnaud : 25 years of cooperation between Université de Rennes 1 and Brazil in the field of Microelectronics

Pr. Olivier Bonnaud, Professor Emeritus of Université de Rennes 1, attached to the Department of Microsensors and Microelectronics of the IETR (Institute of Electronics and Telecomunication), has received the honnors of the Brazilian Microelectronics Society, for his contributions to the development of microelectronics in Brazil.

Prof. Dr Nilton Morimoto, president of the Brazilian Microelectronics Society, with Pr.Bonnaud

This award was given during the “Chip-in-Sampa 2019”conference, the most important microelectronics international event that takes place in Brazil, which took place this year in Sao Paulo from 26-30 August 2019.

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