Molecular Electronics and Photonics (MEP 2018) symposium

The Molecular Electronics and Photonics international symposium had place at the Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes from 10 to 13 of July 2018. This symposium brought together more than eighty of internationally recognized French, English, Chinese, Japanese, Polish and Australian researchers in the fields of photonics, molecular electronics and catalysis.

MEP Symposium participants (©UR1DircomFOBE)
  1. Scientific cooperation tools
  2. What happens next?

Scientific cooperation tools

During this event the members of Rennes-Durham LIA made their final meeting. This LIA was inaugurated in 2011 by Véronique Guerchais et Todd B. Marder (docteur Honoris Causa of Université de Rennes 1 in 2018) and leaded, from 2015, by Paul J. Low et Andrew Whiting.
On the other hand, Rennes-Canberra-Perth LIA was initiated. This international associated laboratory is coordinated by Frédéric Paul et Mark G. Humphrey (Australian National University – Canberra).

What is an LIA?
International Associated Laboratories (LIAs), « laboratories without walls », aim to structure and reinforce an existing collaboration between at least two laboratories, one in France and the other abroad. LIA activities are coordinated by two co-principal investigators and by a scientific steering committee.

This symposium was also the occasion of celebrating the signature of a kindred agreement between the French Chemical Society (SCF), represented by its president Gilberte Chambaud and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI), represented by its president Peter Junk.

Signature of the SCF-RACI agreement. - © UR1DircomOBE


What happens next?

Following the symposium and the signing of the SCF-RACI agreement, the wish of the project’s promoters is to encourage more researchers to collaborate with their Australian colleagues in the frame of the newborn French-Australian LIA.
The LIA Rennes – Durham has initiated several collaborations which continue actively and also stimulated new scientific projects which are currently in progress.

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