A look back on the International Erasmus Week 2017 at Université de Rennes 1!

This year’s International Week, from 9 to 14 October 2017, focused on the Erasmus+ 30th anniversary and included exhibitions, information sessions and a whole range of activities with an Erasmus theme!

Visual International Erasmus Week 2017
  1. In Rennes
  2. In Lannion
  3. In Saint-Malo
  4. Erasmus+ 30th anniversary

Celebrations took place on Université de Rennes 1's campuses in Rennes, Lannion and Saint-Malo.

In Rennes

Exhibitions included a selection of pages from Carnets d'Europe, a graphic novel written and illustrated by Jérémie Dres at the Law, Economics and Management University Library on the Centre campus from 4 to 20 October 2017. A visit of the exhibition was organised in the presence of the author who was also present during the discussion which followed entitled 'Doing an Erasmus exchange in Europe which is going through a crisis' at the Faculty of Economics, Centre campus.

Pages from Carnet d'Europe, and author and illustrator Jérémie Dres

A second exhibition, Universatis, photographs by Jacques Yverniaux, can be visited until 30 November 2017 at the Le Diapason on the Beaulieu campus.

Exhibition Universatis, photographs by Jacques Yverniaux

Continuing a cultural theme, a projection of the film The Darjeeling Limited directed by Wes Anderson in 2007 was organised by the association Cinémaniacs at the Le Diapason on the Beaulieu campus.

Also during the week, students could find out about outgoing mobility for 2018/19 at an information session held on the Beaulieu campus and two university library visits took place in English on the Centre and Beaulieu campuses.

On Friday 13 October, an award ceremony was organised on the Beaulieu campus for students who had carried out an Erasmus exchange programme in the academic year 2016/17. The ceremony was presented by Professor Pierre van de Weghe, Vice President in charge of International Relations, at the Beaulieu campus and was followed by a Linguistic speed dating session where students of different nationalities were invited to take part in discussions with other students in a language they were familiar with. This was also the opportunity for Erasmus quiz winners to receive their prizes!

Professor Pierre van de Weghe and students at the award ceremony and Erasmus Quiz winners
Linguistic speed dating session on the Beaulieu campus
Linguistic speed dating session on the Beaulieu campus
Linguistic speed dating session on the Beaulieu campus

In Lannion

The IUT and ENSSAT in Lannion also took part in the festivities. Students and personnel made the most of a week of activities which was both informative and festive. Courses and research conferences in English enabled students to discover research developed by teachers.

In the IUT library, activities were organised to help students who are thinking about studying or doing a work placement abroad, with a spotlight on work placement reports and end of studies dissertations and access to books lent by Lannion library (tourist guides and magazines).

Karaoké in different languages was organised at lunchtime as well as board games in English for students and staff in the cafeteria.

International Week in Lannion

In the university restaurants, there was an international speciality on the menu every day and in the cafeteria, the event « no English, no Food ! » during the lunch break, run by the English teachers, provided a fun way of ordering lunch.

To celebrate the 30 years of Erasmus+, en exhibition was held on Saturday 14 October at the Sainte Anne Chapel in Lannion with a presentation of European mobility in Lannion's teaching establishments.

Information sessions were organised on the subject of international mobility and grants as well as an International colloquium «Production conditions of televised news. Diversity in sports news: from formalisation to application»

Other events included the new international students' welcome at the Lannion Town Hall and a concert and evening-out in a foreign language organised by the student music associations at the IUT and the ENSSAT.

In Saint-Malo

The IUT in Saint Malo welcomed the exhibition Universatis, photographs by Jacques Yverniaux from 1 to 30 October.

Erasmus+ 30th anniversary

Erasmus+ 30th anniversary

The European Commission launched the 30th anniversary campaign on 9th January 2017 in Paris at the Odéon Theatre. 700 people participated in an event which included personal experiences and debates in the presence of the President of the French Republic.

Events will take place throughout 2017 at European, national and local levels to highlight the positive impact of Erasmus, both on individuals and society as a whole, and to give all those involved the opportunity to debate how the programme should evolve in the future.

The young members of the International Exchange Erasmus Student Network (IxESN) set off on 26th September in a 9 seater minibus nicknamed Erasbus to meet schools, further education colleges and apprenticeship schools in 15 cities and rural areas of France for a journey lasting 45 days!

Organised by the French Erasmus + Agency / Education Training and IxESN France, the project brought together a large number people and organisations involved in local development, Erasmus+ developers and people who had benefited from the programme, whether they were French or from other countries.
At each stage of the bus ride, events were organised to inform a new audience about international mobility and of the possibilities and advantages it provides.

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