Klaxoon and université de Rennes 1 launch an innovative partnership for collaborative work

Université de Rennes 1 has signed an agreement with Klaxoon, a well-known efficient tool for team work. The interactive applications suite will be implemented gradually within three years, and extended to the whole university. This unique partnership in Educational technologies makes Rennes 1 one of the first universities in the world to use this collaborative technique on a big scale.

Presentation of Klaxoon in Rennes 1
  1. Revolutionizing collaborative work among universities
  2. Workplace tools meet university

Revolutionizing collaborative work among universities

This revolutionary tool is already famous throughout 120 countries in the world, has been used by thousands of teams, as well as awarded many prizes among which Learning Technologies or Brandon Hall.
 Within 3 years, the whole university will be equipped with this innovative tool, making Rennes 1 a unique place for research, with its 33 000 students, as well as its professors and academic staff. As a result, Rennes 1 intends to develop new methods for collaborative work, and the two Research and Development entities are planned to work together, hand in hand, and bring to light these innovative practices.

David Alis, president of Université de Rennes 1, deeply believes in Klaxoon’s potential to make both lectures and study programs more interactive: “Klaxxon is a solution that will enable our professors to experiment these new techniques, while it will help students being better prepared to professional life. This use of New Technology of Information reinforces the will of Rennes 1 to be a pionner in Research and Development. This view is shared by Matthieu Beucher, CEO of Klaxoon, and former student of Rennes 1 who sees in this agreement as a great opportunity for the company to provide students with modern communication tools, and better preparation to collaborative work they should be familiar with before starting their career.


Workplace tools meet university

In modern workplaces, characterized by remote work, shared times and decisions, digitalization has tremendously increased companies’ need for collaboration tools. A survey, made by Klaxxon Propeller Insight, has shown that virtually 67% of employees are willing to collaborate more at work.
Capacity to collaborate and work within a team is one of the soft skills that are the most important for companies, before diplomas for instance.

Klaxoon, in the university, is therefore a way to logically make lectures more participative, taking in consideration that nowadays personal communication is already made throughout digital tools, such as smartphones, and that students are utterly digital natives. It’s also, for professors, an opportunity to enhance communication with their students, and make lectures more collective or creative.
What’s more, first results have shown that students’ attendance has been improved throughout the whole semester, which proves that students are more interested by the way of teaching. Professor Nathalie Payelle has found out that students were surprised by this innovative technique, but are better focused, and also more confident to participate during the course. She is very enthusiastic about the project : “Trying Klaxxon makes it hardly conceivable to teach without”…


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