INRS : a key partner for Université de Rennes 1 in Québec

Université de Rennes 1 welcomed from June 19th to June 21st a delegation from INRS, for a joint seminar and a visit of our scientific campus, as well as a visit of our Universitary Institute of Technology in Saint-Malo.

Delegation of INRS received at Saint-Malo city hall while visiting the IUT (Universitary Institute of Technology) of Université
  1. Double degrees and International Joint Laboratory RESO
  2. Innovative tools to foster collaboration in the field of Life and Earth sciences

(from left to right : Abel Kiné (director of the IUT of Saint Malo), Stéphane Roche, director of  research and academic affairs of INRS, Claude Renoult (major of Saint-Malo), Luc-Alain Giraldeau, (General Director of INRS), Dalida Poirier (director of International Relations developement), Pierre Van de Weghe (Vice-president of International Relations of Université de Rennes 1. Picture © City of Saint-Malo)

Double degrees and International Joint Laboratory RESO

The seminar held on our scientific campus of Beaulieu, introduced by Pr.David Alis, president of Unviersité de Rennes  1, and Luc-Alain Giraldeau, General Director of INRS (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique), enabled to review the current state of our collaboration, such as :

  • Master’s degree in Molecular and Celullar Biology (department of Life Sciences), (INRS-IRSET)
  • Master’s degree in geoengineering (Water sciences and Earth Sciences (INRS- OSUR)
  • Joint Research Laboratory RESO (Exploitation of deep sea resources and protection of surface water resources: relations between science and decision-making, in association with the CNRS)

Innovative tools to foster collaboration in the field of Life and Earth sciences

The seminar also focused on innovative training liked to Research, such as Massive Open Courses Online (MOOC) on Dynamic of Landscapes and on Metabolomics (the first MOOC carried out by the CNRS and driven by Université de Rennes 1), as well as the Digital transdisciplinary Campus ENVAM , which is the first french speaking platform dedicated to training in the field of Environment and Landscape management.
New propectives are considered in order to reinforce current scientific collaborations with INRS, among which Université de Rennes 1’s project of EUR-Universitary School of Research, Ecole de Rennes en Intelligence Environnementale.

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