Five students from IUT Lannion in Northern Kentucky University

Located in Cincinnati, USA, the Northern Kentucky University has around 15 000 students and 2000 lecturers and is one of the 155 partners of Université de Rennes 1.

Students from IUT Lannion on mobility in Northern Kentucky University. Illustration: Emma Burr

Students at the IUT in Lannion, Johan Becker, Julien Rehel, Quentin Debroise, Jean Rochefort and Léon Lecozannet-Laidin attended Northern Kentucky University (NKU) in the framework of an agreement between the American University and Université de Rennes 1.

A delegation made up of Professor Pierre van de Weghe (Vice President in charge of international relations) and Dr. Annie Soriot (Director of the International Affairs Department) was held in June 2016 in order to meet researchers from NKU and look into the possibility of extending the partnership to other faculties of the university, in computer science for example, or biology.

The delegation met Dr. Francois Le Roy (Executive Director, Center for Global Engagement and International Affairs, Northern Kentucky University), Dr. Isabelle Lagadic (Associate Professor in chemistry) and other researchers from the the computer science and biology departments, such as Dr. Maureen Doyle (Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Computer Science).

Delegation from Northern Kentucky University


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