Erasmus+ Strategic partnership LINKS (Learning from Innovation and Networking in STEM) is launched in September 2016

LINKS, an Erasmus+ Strategic partnership, brings together 9 European institutions to share their knowledge and work towards improving and developing STEM teaching (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in primary and secondary schools.

LINKS participants
  1. Partner institutions
  2. Project aims
  3. Maison pour la science en Bretagne (MSB)

Project aims

The aim of this 3 year project is to promote inquiry-based learning in STEM, particularly through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers. Inquiry-based learning encourages learning through the questions, ideas and observations of pupils, putting them at the centre of the learning experience.

The participants of the LINKS project will meet regularly over the next 3 years to share their knowledge and expertise, and visit their partner institutions in order to observe the different approaches and best practices in STEM teaching. Each institution will coordinate a specific related topic.

Maison pour la science en Bretagne (MSB)

Maison pour la science en Bretagne (MSB) at Université de Rennes 1 was founded in September 2014, largely inspired by the STEM Learning centre in York, UK. The MSB organises professional development programmes for primary and secondary school teachers throughout Brittany. For the LINKS project, they will specifically contribute towards the role of researchers in CPD activities and towards the topic of ‘working with schools’. The MSB participation will be coordinated by Dr Laurence Fontaine.

The project will result in an in-depth study and the development of tools which will act as a guide for the implementation of innovative STEM teaching programmes across Europe.

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