Erasmus Mundus MAMASELF renewed for five years

MAMASELF (Master in Materials Science exploring Large Scales Facilities) degree, coordinated by Université de Rennes 1 has just been selected by EACEA (Education, Culture and Audiovisual Executive Agency) for Erasmus Mundus Excellency Label

MAMASELF students

MAMASELF Master degree has been awarded this label since its creation in 2007. Mobilities in Europe are at the core of this program : MAMASELF consortium consists of six European universities : Université de Rennes 1 ( the program coordinator) and Université de Montpellier in France, Technische Universität München and Ludwig Maximilians Universität in Germany, University of Torino in Italy, and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland.

MAMASELF students join a high-level scientific network: they follow courses in at least two universities, and receive two Master degree diplomas. Selected students are eligible to an Erasmus Mundus scholarship (37 000 € for European students, and 43 000 € for non-european students).
Training on Large instruments (synchrotrons and neutron sources), combining several approaches, and included in the summer school, is specific to this study program. Its new version focuses on applications of materials related to the field of energy (production, conversion, storage…)

This program is open to undergraduate students currently achieving a Bachelor degree in Material sciences, Chemistry or Physics.


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