[covid-19] Frequently asked questions (International students, researchers and staff)

In the frame of Covid-19 virus currently actively circulating in France, and in accordance with the national measures that have been taken, Université de Rennes 1 has been closed to the public since 16th March, until further notice. A recovery plan (Plan de reprise d'activités) has been in effect since 11th May for university staff

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  1. I am currently in France
  2. I am currently in France. What to do in case I decide to go back to my home country?
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I am currently in France

General informations

Information for residence documents
In order to secure the stay of legally resident foreign researchers and students, and in order to avoid any loss of rights in a serious Health context that does not enable the prefectures to process with their applications in normal conditions, the validity of the residence documents have been extended.
For additional information, you can contact the CMI (Centre for international mobility) 


  • Stay at home if ill
  • Wash your hands very often
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your sleeve or with a tissue when you cough or sneeze
  • Use single-use tissues, and then throw them away
  • Do not shake hands or greet people with kisses on the cheek
  • Wear a mask in public transports
  • Public or private gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited


  • Wash your hands before putting or taking off your mask
  • use the elastic bands and adjust the mask in order to cover your mouth, your chest and chin, not leaving gaps on the sides
  • Remove the mask from behind the ears or head
  • The mask must be removed and changed if wearing it for 4 hour, and before if damaged or removed (for eating or drinking for instance)
  • Do not touch the front of the mask
  • Do not wear the mask only over mouth or nose
  • Do not place it in your pocket or bag after wearing, but place it in a plastic bag to avoid any potential contamination
  • When ill, this mask for general public is not suitable. You must refer to your GP
  • The cloth mask is to be washed at a 60° temperature for at least 30 minutes

Official recommandations are to be found on the dedicated governement website


The lockdown has ended since Monday 11th May, and critical travel exemptions are no longer necessary, as long as the travel remains within 100km from your residence adress. This is the case if you live in a "green" department, which is currently the case for all Brittany region. Official data, regarding the various French regions and departements can be found HERE.

In case you must travel outside further than 100 km from your residence adress, you must download and sign the the new derogatory travel document, with a recent proof of adress.

You can calculate the area within which you can travel without critical travel exemption on the following map:

. - © esrifrance

If you don’t have any printer, you can copy this document on a plain piece of paper. Since 6th April, a digital version can be done, generating a QR code

Follow the recommandations of the ministry of Health

The students Health service remains open, only in Rennes on Beaulieu campus, from monday to friday 8.30 AM-5PM, in order to provide emergency consultations for students who do not have a general practitioner, or if their GP is not available.

for medical-related questions onlysse@univ-rennes1.fr

- Villejean campus student health service: Building Ereve - 2nd floor

In compliance with the precaution gestures, thanks to use phone and email as first option, when possible.

- Saint-Brieuc and Saint-Malo campuses: physical reception are closed, by are reachable by phone

Université de Rennes 1 remains closed for the general public and for students until the end of the academic year

  • Students:

No students are allowed on the campuses (including librairies or laboratories).
All the sport and cultural activities, as well as other events, have been suspended or postponed.

Only the student health service remains open (in Rennes, on Beaulieu campus) from monday to friday 8.30 AM-5PM, in order to provide emergency consultations for students who do not have a general practitioner, or if their GP is not available. Villejean campus student health service: +33(0)2 23 23 70 85 or 86 (Building Ereve, 2nd floor)

  • University staff:

All the administrative functions are to mostly telework, when possible.
University staff can go back on site depending on the measures mentionned in the recovery plan (PRA, Plan de Reprise d'Activités) Only people mentionned the the Continuity of services action plan.
Informations related to the PRA are available on the intranet of the university.


International students


  • Can I stay at my CROUS residence?

The student residences remain open. The Crous will continue to welcome students already housed there and wishing to stay in their residences, to allow them to study in good conditions.

The various CROUS services remain reachable via email or phone . Physical reception is no longer ensured due to the social distancing instructions, with the exception of university residences, which remain open to continue welcoming their residents, in strict compliance with the social distancing instructions. and health guidelines.

Students do not have the obligation to leave the CROUS residencies that are still open. They will still be hosted by residencies that remain open. In order to facilitate the students relocation in this Health crisis context, even if students do not have the possibility to entirely vacate their room, they won't have to apply the 1-month leave notice mentionned on the lease contract.

  • Can I take back my room at the CROUS residence?

From April 1st, students who leave their room at CROUS residence, even temporarily, will no longer have to pay their rent. If you have left your room, you must inform your CROUS residence before the 17th May, to let them now if you want to take back your room or not. If you decide not to come back, no more rent will be due.

If you decide to take back your room, the rent is due from you actual return date. The deadline for returns is 30th May.

More information (frequently updated) on etudiants.gouv.fr

Social and financial help

The CROUS and Health service (SSE) social workers keep on assisting you and can be reached by email. Emergency financial help can still be provided in case of necessity, also fo students for non-bursary students. Telephone appointment or communication via email can be arranged.

You are invited to contact the social worker who is the referent depending on your academic field, in the Ille-et-Vilaine section

Note that if you have serious financial difficulties, you can get food aid in Rennes throught various associations, such as "Les Restos du coeur". More information about direct distribution on site here

Students that have lost some income (job or internship loss) during the lockdown can apply for a 200 euros financial support from the government. Application has to be done on MesServices.etudiant.gouv.fr from

Student solidarity

You are not in capacity to go in person to the doctor's, to the pharmacy, of to purchase first necessity goods? Students associations and student representatives of Université de Rennes 1 have set up a dedicated mail adress:

Psychological help

www.student-support.info website provides students with tips in order to help you during this lockdown period. In Rennes academy, psychological support in english can be provided via phone through the following services ► (by Université occidentale de Bretagne as well as Psychological service of Auray)
You can also find psychological help via the student network mentionned above, at

Internships that have already started with internship agreements signed, can be continued, provided that the organization is still able to organize this internship, following the compulsory precaution gestures.
In this case, the organization sets up the new provisions for the internship, including the possibility of telework, temporary suspensions or changes of dates. In order to make the internship going via telework, or in order to postpone it, a amendment to the training agreement needs to be filled by the organization.

For the upcoming internships, please note that the university does not host, since 16th March 2020, and until further notice, any trainee. For any upcoming internships, telework must be the privileged option for every intership that can be done via telework.

Only in case telework is not possible, internships should be done within the company/organization following strictly the compulsory precaution gestures.

Should the situation permit, a pedagogical activity or an internship, can be replaced by a supervised project, a thesis, a imulation/ situational exercises of professional situations, or any comination of pedagogical provision, enabling the assessment of the main skills delivered by the activity.

Like all other employees, work-study students can benefit from partial unemployment defined by the Ministry of Labor.

In the frame of the exceptional context of the fight against the spread of covid 19, and following the national measures, Université de Rennes 1 is committed in order to ensure the pedagogical continuity and to enable you to follow your courses online when possible, during the closure period.

Your teachers are to inform you about the teaching activities that will be provided
The university is doing everything in its power in order to enable each one of you to validate his training courses in the best conditions possible in the current context.

The situation is evolving very frequently, and you are invited to check on your emails very regularly
The university is implementing, from now on, all the measures in order to pursue the training (initial and continuing education) activities. The university, from now on, sets up measures in order to ensure the pedagogical continuity. These measures aim at not penalizing students in their studies, and maintaining the quality of its training

  • Exams

The general framework for changes in the academic calendar and exams was adopted in academic commission on thursday, 16th of April 2020.

- The university remains closed until the end of the academic year. All the exams will be made online.
- They will take the form of written exams mainly (to be sent via email), through online interviews (or phone), and, on an exceptional basis, remotely-proctored exams 
- Each study department will communicate, mid-May at the latest, the various modalities they have chosen for each training.
- Students will be informed in advance (2 weeks minimum), of any change made regarding the type of tests,

All the national exams and competitions (related to the Higher education or public service recruitment): 
Initialy planned between 12th and15th May 2020, the medical PACES competition (1st year of Medial studies) will take place from 15 th to 19th June 2020 and the Epreuves Classantes Nationales (ECNi) between 6th and 8th July 2020, according to the Health context and the Ministerial guidance.

  • Thesis and defenses

Thesis defenses can take place on site, only in presence of the PhD student and the members of the jury that are in Rennes. Other members can participate to the defense online.
Université de Rennes 1 has on the other hand set up a specific procedure in order to organize thesis defenses and HDR completely online if necessary , by way of derogation only, after special request made to the doctoral school. 

Thesis defenses for practice of medicine are maintained, their organization following a strict health protocol.


Erasmus + students

You will benefit of the same measures set up by Université de Rennes 1 regarding pedagogical continuity, with the same types of exams (all the exams will be done online, as the university is closed until the end of the academic year). See the section mentionned above "What about my exams/thesis defense?"

Specific provisions
- In the event of not being able to do the online exams, and considered that providing alternative tests will be complicated, results of the previous exams already passed may be considered as the global result of a teaching unit.
- Certificate of attendance can be provided if needed, for your home university.

Students in an exchange through bilateral agreement or specific training

The teacher in charge of your training at Université de Rennes 1 will validate, in agreement with your home university, the adaptations that could be provided, such as maintaining the results of the exams previously passed, online exams, written report on the mobility experience in France, certificate fo attendance... In any case, the head of the study department or faculty will validate the chosen options and will inform the administration office.

All the university librairies are closed until further notice.
For the books you have borrowed, the delay has automatically been extended until September 7th.  During the closure, no penalty regarding the delay of restitution will be applied.
All the online resources remain available, 24/7
Research activities are suspended until further notice.

Special derogations, delivered in the frame of the continuation of activities action plan, are maintained.

- activites in laboratories whose reasearch is related the covid-19 epidemic, or comparable outbreaks.
- internal activities of research laboratories when interruption of scientific experiment would lead to the loss of key scientific studies, sensitive studies or whose conduct are particularly complex to organize.

Thesis and defenses

All the thesis defenses and HDR (Habilitation à diriger des recherces) that were planned from 17th March 2020 are postponed. However, in the current Health crisis context, thesis defenses for practice of medicin eare maintained, their organization following a strict health protocol.

Université de Rennes 1 has set up a specific procedure in order to organize thesis defenses and HDR completely online, by way of derogation only, after special request made to the doctoral school. 

All the cultural, sport activities or events are cancelled or postponed.

International staff of Université de Rennes


Beware that telework is not compatible with childcare. Parents of children under the age of 16, or over 16 but not autonomous, who do not have any childcare solution, can get a Special Absence Authorization. This Special Absence Authorization legally covers the employee kept away that cannot telework. It does not imply any loss of paid day or holidays.
If you are ill and have a sick leave delivered by a General practitioner, you will get the sick days of the regular plan.

In case you cannot telework, the responsible of the organization that employs you delivers a Special Absence Authorization and inform the Human Resources Department. This Special Absence Authorization legally covers the employee kept away that cannot telework. It does not imply any loss of paid day or holidays.

The university medical service for staff does no longer provide any physical consultation. Anyhow, the SMUT remains reachable via email: smut@univ-rennes1.fr
Advice for medical or psychological sessions can be provided remotely.


Buildings are reopening progressively. You can check the state of the premices reopening, and the plan for access  HERE.

The access to each building is possible only via one single entrance, in order to follow sanitary precautions and enable people to wash their hands or get access to hydroalcoholic solution.

The Research Units remain accessible only with a special entrance badge, only for research activites mentionned the Continuity of activities action plan. Each staff must in this case contact the security centre when arriving and leaving the premices: +33 (0)2 23 23 55 08 (Beaulieu Security office)

Travel to the workplace:

People who live further than 100 km from their workplace and who must get to the premices, are to download the dedicated certificate. It has to be signed by the president of Université de Rennes 1, and is delivered by the DPSE (Prevention and Security) service. 

Sanitary measures:

University staff who go back on site are to follow the sanitary measures (physical distancing, washing hands, desinfection of devices, etc...) mentionned in the recovery plan.

Only the following research laboratories remain open, as decided in the Continuity of services action plan:

  • activities of laboratories carrying out researches on ovid-19 or similar outbreaks.
  • activities of laboratories, for which interruption would imply a damageable loss of key scientific results, sensitive researches or especially complex.


I am currently in France. What to do in case I decide to go back to my home country?

In case you want to return to your home country, you have to inform:

- The International Relations Office of your department (if you are a student), your laboratory (in case you are a trainee or a researcher)

- Your pedagogical referent, that will keep you informed of the specific provisions set up in order to provide you with online courses and exams

- In case you rent a study or a room in one of the CROUS residencies, you have to inform your residence (via email or phone only)

- The ambassy or consulate of your home country, in order to be informed of the possibilities of safe return


I am currently abroad

The French government is setting up a global mechanism, in order to enable students currently enrolled in a French Higher Education institution, who wish to come back to France, to be able to do so, via airplane, in partnership with AirFrance. Technical details and precisions will be communicated, by AirFrance and the diplomatic and consular authorities, to the students encountering difficulties.

We recommend you to report your situation to the French consulate or ambassy in the country where you are.
In case they cannot take in charge your request, we recommand you to contact your home country consular offices, and ask them what solution they can provide.

International students who have a resident permit in France are allowed, as well as their familiy and spouse, to go back to their home place in France.

The validity of residence permits and récépissés which would have been expired after March 16th are extended, for three months. Travels from the airport to your residence adress is France is part of the derogatory travels allowed, in the frame of the restrictive measures taken by the French authorities (more information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs dedicated webpage-in french). Attestation dérogatoire de déplacement can be downloaded in english here )

If you do not manage to get in touch with the consular offices in the country where you are, we report your situation on our dedicated hotline:

The university has set up a recovery action plan for its activities and its administrative services.
In case you have specific questions, you can contact us to the following email adress:


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