[covid-19] Frequently asked questions (International students, researchers and staff)

As part of the Covid-19 epidemic situation, all the university services have been working on proposing solutions regarding this exceptional situation. You'll find hereunder the replies to Frequently asked questions. The situation being constantly evolving, those questions are updated in real time. Please make sure to look it up regularly.

FAQ covid
  1. Courses & education continuity
  2. Daily life & student life
  3. International mobility
  4. I wish to come and study at Université de Rennes 1 (individual or exchange mobility) in 2021-2022
  5. Staff & researchers
  6. Health instructions and situation
  7. I face difficulties. Who can I turn to ?

Courses & education continuity

The courses aren't suspended : the online and on-site teaching goes on. All university teams are making their best to insure the education continuity in accordance with ministerial instructions.
  • The on-site teaching run through up to one day per week.
  • Fields trips are allowed which respects of the health instructions.
The courses aren't suspended : the online and on-site teaching goes on. All university teams are making their best to insure the education continuity in accordance with ministerial instructions.
Depending on courses and workforce, part of the teaching is online since 2020 start of the school year.
If you find yourself in trouble or you anticipate any difficulties, please answer this online questionnaire en ligne so that the University can help you find solutions (equipment loand and/or help regarding connection).

Students that can't have a internet connection and/or appropriate equipment to attend their online classes can access, by appointment, computer rooms on each campus.

Please remember there are reading rooms available in university libraries : they are equipped with computers
Mandatory booking to access the reading rooms, to take a place and study in the library, including to print, photocopy and/or scan documents.

No, exams are still on. All teaching, administrative and head teams are doing their best to insure this continuity.

Final exams
All the exams initially expected on site from April 6th to May 2nd will take place online. Only the PACES, PASS and health option L.AS competitive exams will take place on-site.

Continuous assessment
The continuous assessments for less than 50 students groups will take place on-site.

Warning : the terms and conditions could be revised and adapted for the month of May exams according to health circumstances evolution.

The 3 libraries stay open but their operation will adjust to the new health instructions.

Starting from June 28th, the libraries will welcome you by reservation from 8 AM to 5 PM, from Monday to Friday.

You can find all the resources online, accesibles and available from home 24/7.

SIUAPS courses which contribute to the academic training and high-level trainings (University sport section) are maintained. The rules and protocols to be followed in sporting infrastructures stay mandatory.

On the other hand, in accordance with prefectural decree, sports halls are closed for any free practice, competition training and animations are suspended and courses reserved for staff are cancelled.
In addition, sporting associations addressed to adults can't keep their activity in sporting infrastructures managed by the SIUAPS.

Daily life & student life

Some CROUS university restaurants are open for take-away

International mobility

To face the virus and limit the variant introduction, control measures are necessary at the entrance of the European Union territory. Conditions for entering the French soil depend on the country from which you arrive. Conditions for coming to France (Covid-19 negative test made within the 72 hour, etc..) can be found on the Ministry of the Interior's website.
According to the new governmental measures, the University of Rennes 1 is lightening the rules about leaving Europe within the universitary context. Starting from June 15th, the mobilities outside Europe, for studies, internships, or staff mission can be authorized on two conditions :

1. The mobility is bound for one of the green or orange zones of the COVID map published by the government on June 9th with restrictions for orange zones. 

2. The mobility bound for an orange zone according to the COVID map published by the government is authorized by University of Rennes 1 as long as the country is pointed out as as geopolitically safe by the Ministery of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE).

Only countries announced as green by the MEAE are authorized : all countries with red, orange or yellow zones aren’t authorized for a mobility in the universitary context. All these informations are visible on the maps published on MEAE website (click on the geographical zone to show the maps).

   Government covid categorization     
Geopolitical risk
MEAE categorization
Green zone Orange zone Red zone
Green zone ✔*
Yellow zone
Orange zone
Red zone

  ✔       : out of Europe mobility allowed (*under conditions)
 ❌      : out of Europe mobility forbidden

In the face of constant evolution of the rules regarding the opening of boarders, a positive response don’t necessarily mean a insured departure. You might find difficulties, especially during visa request. Any authorized trip requires knowing all the potential restrictions applied to the country of destination (covid test needed, quarantaine measure, compelling reason needed…).

The documents required for any mobility out of EU are :

  • a permission to leave the territory
  • a certificate of attendance at school established by the University
  • if necessary, a document proving than the mobility is mandatory in the context of an exchange program
  • any necessary document asked by the authorities of the receiving country

The certificate for international travel and mobility are available on the Minister of the Interior website.

Don't forget that some countries might demand a quarantaine and its cost can be substantial. You should also make sure to have an insurance covering the health fees related to COVID and the repatriation.


I wish to come and study at Université de Rennes 1 (individual or exchange mobility) in 2021-2022

Staff & researchers

When the activities can't be done remotely, staff and researchers can still access laboratories and research infrastructures.

The thesis defenses of 3rd cycle PhD, exercises and HDR can take place on-site, strictly respecting health procedures.
Two ways of organisation can be considered :
- a "normal" defense, on-site, gathering all members of the jury.
NB : until further notice, external public can't assist the defense, the thesis drink party are also suspended.
- a online defense, partial or complete, all members of the jury or a part of them assist remotely.
This remote mode follows a exemption procedure and have to be the subject of a preliminary request argued with the postgraduate school (27/1/2020 decree related to video conferencing for work presentation as part of an authorisation to lead research works and thesis defense). Without any particular clause and in accordance with the confidentiality of the deliberations, spectators (laboratories members...) can then be present during the defense (by sharing the visio).

Health instructions and situation

A few easy and essential principles to restrict the propagation of the virus :

  • I apply precaution gestures.
  • I call a doctor in case I have symptoms of COVID-19, even they are moderate or if I have a doubt .
  • I do a virological test if prescribed by a doctor. It's entirely covered by the "Assurance maladie.
    => Find the closest screening center on sante.fr
  • I stay at home and isolate myself rightaway in case I'm ill or if I was exposed to someone with COVID-19.

Don't be doubtful, chose self-testing !
Self-testing kits are freely available :

  • near the Service Santé des Etudiant·e·s in Rennes and Saint-Brieuc and the Lannion and Saint-Malo infirmaries
  • at the reception of the Beaulieu, Center and Villejean-Santé library
  • at the Pole Vie Etudiante, in Beaulieu campus
  • near the scolarity services and the reception of your department.

The TousAntiCovid app : a complementary precaution gesture.
The app, created by the government on October 22nd, aim for helping the information along for people in contact with COVID-19 and accelerating the treatment, in addition to the doctors and the Assurance Maladie work.

I report to the administration ASAP :
> if I have tested positive (with or without symptoms)
> if I have been identified as a "cas contact" (exposed to someone with COVID-19) by a general practitioner or by the Assurance Maladie
> if I have several symptoms and I am expecting to get tested, or expecting results of a virological test

Symptoms of COVID-19

Common symptoms are fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Other symptoms may include chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, and new loss of taste or smell
​You think you have symptoms of Covid-19, and you want to know what to do?
A medical guidance questionnaire is at your disposal

If I have one or more symptoms:

  • I call a doctor rightaway, and I get a medical consultation ASAP (teleconsultation or physical consultation) in order to be examinated, and to get prescribed a virological (RT-PCR) test if necessary.
    It is possible to get tested without medical prescription, even without having symptoms. With or without prescription, the test is fully reimbursed by the Health insurance. Worth noting : starting from January 25th, students from Rennes can be tested for free and without having an appointment, directly on Beaulieau, Center, Villejean and Ker Lann campuses.
  • I report to the university administration.
  • I check where is the nearest testing centre on sante.fr, and I get an appointment.
  • I go to the testing centre with my identity card/passport, my Carte Vitale and my prescription for the test
  • I stay home and wait for the results
  • I get the results within 24 to 36 hours

Meanwhile, I stay home and avoid contacts. If the symptoms get worse, or if I have shortness of breath, I call the emergency number 15 (SAMU ambulance service).

If I have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, I get informed by the Assurance maladie staff.

I face difficulties. Who can I turn to ?

You are an international student and you face difficulties related to quarantaine : please let us know with this form dedicated to international students. A Teams discussion space and a Facebook group are available online.

The university can help you find a solution. Report your situation in the dedicated survey. You also have the possibility to use the computer rooms on the campuses, upon reservation:

On Beaulieu campus (access upon reservation from 8AM to 6PM, monday-friday). Six computer rooms are available, in Building 40

On Villejean campus (access upon reservation from 8AM to 6PM, monday-friday)

On central campus (access upon reservation from 8AM to 5PM, monday-friday)

Libraries also proposes seats with computers, upon reservation.

Check where the study rooms, computer rooms and librairies are on our international student guide (p9-11)

In times of pandemic, we live an unseen situation that can be stressful for many of us. It's normal to feel stressed out, disoriented or overwhelmed.
Find out all the psychological help offered.

In case you have specific questions, you can contact us to the following email adress: preventioncoronavirus@univ-rennes1.fr

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