A Brazilian delegation at the IUT Rennes

A delegation from Centro Federal de Educaçao Tecnologica de Minas Gerais (CEFET-MG) in South-east Brazil was welcomed by the IUT in Rennes on 24th and 25th April 2017, after finalising an agreement which had been in negotiation for a year and a half.

IUT Rennes Brazilian delegation April 2017
  1. The partnership agreement
  2. Two meetings were organised during the visit

The partnership agreement

This new partnership will broaden possibilities for work placements for students in chemistry, civil engineering and sustainable construction, electrical engineering and industrial IT, mechanical engineering and production and management of businesses and administrative bodies.

Later, it should provide opportunities for French students to go to Belo Horizonte either in the framework of the 4th semester of the DUT (Diplôme universitaire de technologies) or the DUETI (Diplôme universitaire d'enseignement technologique international). In exchange, the IUT Rennes will welcome Brazilian students of the CEFET-MG for a study semester or for specific projects.

Two meetings were organised during the visit

An initiation in Brazilian Portugese

On Monday afternoon, staff and students were invited to participate in an initiation in Brazilian Portugese run by Natália Moreira Tosatti. This was a friendly exchange between the two cultures, in Portugese, whilst enjoying French tapas!

A presentation of work placement opportunities in Brazil

On Tuesday, Joao Paulo Machado de Souza, lecturer-researcher, presented the CEFET-MG and its departments, and talked about work placement opportunities.

Presentation of Brazilian work placement opportunities

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