Foundation Rennes 1

Foundation Rennes 1 “Progress, Innovate, Initiate”

Foundation Rennes 1
  1. Tangible initiatives of the foundation
  2. Promotion and appreciation of cutting-edge research
  3. Improvement of the professional integration of students
  4. International development
  5. Foundation Rennes 1 partners
  6. How to provide your support

The goal of Foundation Rennes 1 “Progress, Innovate, Initiate”, a university foundation set up in 2010 by University de Rennes 1, is to bring the university closer to businesses in order to encourage innovation and socio-economic development.

A tool allowing Université de Rennes 1 to open up to the economic world, Foundation Rennes 1 means:

  • new initiatives in cooperation with businesses and local authorities.
  • a wide network the institution can rely on.
  • student initiatives in cooperation with businesses (participatory funding, establishing contacts, help with communication, etc.).
  • support provided for collaborative projects (research and training).
  • an area for discussion and exchange between the socio-economic world and Université de Rennes 1.

Tangible initiatives of the foundation

Commitment and donations from partners allowing innovative and ambitious initiatives to be set up in support of university lecturers and researchers according to three primary missions:

Promotion and appreciation of cutting-edge research

  • Research and training chairs: to develop research activities and new teaching areas around subjects which concern both businesses and universities, encouraging innovation.
  • Research award and PhD award: recompensing innovation.
  • Research conferences: to present the research laboratories.

Improvement of the professional integration of students

  • Training sponsorships (more than 120 training courses sponsored since 2011) and student/business forums.
  • Entrepreneurship awareness, promoting doctoral training, providing help for students with disabilities...

International development

  • Establishment allowance for students in the final year of a research master’s degree and doctorate: to attract the best students from all over the world.
  • Further examples of initiatives set up by Foundation Rennes 1: placement grants, support for student projects, the “Study abroad” roundtable (in partnership with the International Affairs Department and the Internship Department)...

Foundation Rennes 1 partners

Join the 200 members who have made a commitment to the Foundation since 2010, together with the seven founding members.

How to provide your support

Provide your support for Université de Rennes 1 by donating to Foundation Rennes 1.

Businesses of all sizes (SOHOs, SMEs, corporate groups), professional sectors, organisations, local authorities are sponsors of the Foundation Rennes 1. More and more individuals support the foundation, in particular amongst graduates of Université de Rennes 1 and make up a wide network that the institution is proud of and can rely on.

More contacts :
Martial Gabillard (Veolia), president
Sophie Langouët-Prigent (Université de Rennes 1), vice-president
Johanne Beauclair, administrative assistant
Nolwenn Saget, development officer
Estelle Monthorin, communications officer

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