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Calling for participation: Create your own European University

EDUC Student Think Tank
  1. Share your ideas and expectations
  2. 4 topics to brainstorm
  3. What's in it for you?
  4. How can you apply for participation?

Share your ideas and expectations

Join our think tank on June 22, 2021.
You will soon find the program here.

This event is to create a student think tank that brainstorms about topics belonging to further development of the EDUC universities.

How should a digital campus looks like? What tools does he need? How can students be part of the university further development? How can they participate in decision-making processes at their University? What mobility oportunities do students need? Which future skills do students need and want?

These are questions we ask not only ourselves as we seek to develop offerings or advance universities to prepare for the challenges of today and tomorrow. We want to ask you, the students.

4 topics to brainstorm

We want to meet you for one day - to discuss with you and learn from you on these four important topics:

1. FutureDigitalCampus

How can EDUC build a digital campus that is open, diverse and integrative at the same time?

The future of EDUC will certainly also be digital. A shared digital platform to bring teachers, students and staff together. To provide virtual teaching, digital (group) learning spaces, optimized services and points of interconnection. But how can this new digital world be designed to suit your needs best?

2. FutureInvolvment

How can students structurally shape EDUC?

The participation of students in the governance structure of EDUC is one of the big goals still to yet be achieved. As experts of your own right, you are the best actors to decide on how your voice can be heard in EDUC and how to make a difference.

3. FutureMobility

How can EDUC improve the settings of physical mobility to its partner universities?

The reasons for going abroad in the context of your studies can be manifold: personal development, expectations in your discipline, better career chances, improving the command of a foreign language. One thing is for sure: The total immersion into the culture and language of another nation as well as into the unique academic culture of its universities and the chance to make new international friends is a unique experience in the course of your life.

4. FutureSkills

How can EDUC support students to develop those skills that are considered indispensable in modern society and on the labour market?

For example, the knowledge of multiple languages, the ability to identify, evaluate and compose reliable information on the world wide web, the capacity to work in diverse teams and the capability to adapt to new environments and situations.

What's in it for you?

To be short: With your participation to the EDUC OpenFutures Event you can boost your CV, build a unique skill set, reach out to make new friends and help us to make a change how to study, teach and organize EDUC and its partner universities.

Hereunder the benefits to participate in this Student Think Tank:

  • You will build a unique skill set
  • You will start networking with other European students
  • You will shape EDUC  
  • You will receive an EDUC certificate

How can you apply for participation?

Any student who is registered at University of Rennes 1 may apply for participating to this event.
The application form for your participation.
Deadline for applications: 3rd June, 2021.

Please note that due to capacity issues, each university has a maximum of 10 students for the event.
The event will take place online on 22 June, 2021.

You can drop us an email if you need further details:

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