Université de Rennes 1 has a dynamic cultural department whose role is to establish an artistic and cultural policy at the heart of the university.

Students sitting in front of Le Diapason in September 2015
  1. Arts and culture department
  2. Le Diapason

Arts and culture department

The role of the Arts and Culture Department is to establish an artistic and cultural policy within the university, bringing culture focused on science and technology to a wider audience and making the arts more accessible to students.

The department is in charge of organising cultural events such as theatre productions and exhibitions focused on science. They also set up partnerships, for example Bons Spectacles, where students are offered a free seat for a show in a venue in Rennes or the surrounding area.

The department also helps students by providing support for the organisation, logistics or communication involved in the development of their cultural projects.

DJ at the Welcome week party


Le Diapason

Cultural activities at the univesity are centred around Le Diapason, an arts and sports centre on the Beaulieu Campus. Le Diapason, run by the Arts and Culture Department, houses a theatre with 700 seats, an exhibition space, a cafeteria, recording studios and several sports rooms. A programme of events can be found on Le Diapason website.

Le Diapason arts centre, Campus Beaulieu

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