National days to celebrate Erasmus+ 30th anniversary

2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus programme, which became Erasmus+ in 2014, and now benefits more people through a wider range of opportunities

Erasmus, 30 years in the making
  1. Launch ceremony
  2. Erasbus or the Magical Mystery Tour de France

Launch ceremony

The European Commission launched the 30th anniversary campaign on 9th January 2017 in Paris at the Odéon Theatre. 700 people participated in an event which included personal experiences and debates in the presence of the President of the French Republic.

Events will take place throughout 2017 at European, national and local levels to highlight the positive impact of Erasmus, both on individuals and society as a whole, and to give all those involved the opportunity to debate how the programme should evolve in the future.

Erasbus or the Magical Mystery Tour de France

The young members of the International Exchange Erasmus Student Network (IxESN) will be setting off on 26th September in a 9 seater minibus nicknamed 'Erasbus' to meet schools, further education colleges and apprenticeship schools in 15 cities and rural areas of France for a journey lasting 45 days!

Organised by the French Erasmus + Agency / Education Training and IxESN France, the project will bring together a large number people and organisations involved in local development, Erasmus+ developers and people who have benefited from the programme, whether they are French or from other countries.

At each stage of the bus ride, events will be organised to inform a new audience about international mobility and of the possibilities and advantages it provides.

More about the festivities in France can be found here!